Feed The Hungry – Ramadan Appeal for Rohingya, 2018

Kenangilah kesengsaraan dan kesusahan pelarian Rohingya di Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh di kala kita menjalani ibadah puasa kelak.Tatkala kita menantikan waktu berbuka puasa dengan juadah yang beraneka jenis dengan senyum riang dan tawa, mereka di sana belum tentu punya makanan untuk juadah bersahur mahupun berbuka.

Bantulah mereka, dengan hanya RM250, anda boleh mengurangkan beban sebuah keluarga yang benar-benar memerlukan makanan. Salurkan bantuan anda melalui: http://mercy.org.my/how-to-donate/

MERCY Malaysia E-Newsletter FEBRUARY 2018

February was an exciting month for us, with active participation in the 9th World Urban Forum at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre and meeting with like-minded people and organisations.

We also relaunched our Palestine Relief Fund in view of deteriorating living conditions at the occupied territory of Palestine. Only 50% of Palestinians have access to electricity, water supply, food and jobs. Hospitals are forced to shut down due to power cuts, and farmers cannot plant without irrigation.

For every donation above RM50, you will receive a free ‘Save Gaza’ muffler (postage not included).  For more information or to redeem the free muffler, please contact Shahira at comms@mercy.org.my.

We thank you for your support of MERCY Malaysia, and look forward to hear from you if you have any feedback or enquiries. Please send your missives to info@mercy.org.my or visit www.mercy.org.my for full details.

9 JANUARY 2018
We had a pleasant surprise early in the year when the Securities Commission’s Sports and Recreation Club informed us about their ‘RELIEF – Relief Efforts for Life’ campaign, which raised RM4,500 for MERCY Malaysia.The cheque was handed over in a simple ceremony, where we met their fund-raising champions Muhammad Adam Mikhail, Raja Shah Irshad, Khairul Hanis and Mohammad Yunus Zulkifli. The cheque was presented by Securities Commission’s Director of Corporate Resources, Yang Mulia Tengku Zarina Tengku Chik, and received by our Head of Communications and Strategic Engagement Ms Chan Li Jin.Thank you, SC, for your support!

6 – 7 FEB 2018
Two sessions of Mental Health & Psychosocial Support (MHPSS) were held among the Majhi, or Community Leaders, at the Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, refugee camps, firstly at Balukali followed  by Kutupalong.The sessions trained them how to recognise psychological symptoms following trauma and stress, and adaptive coping skills. The Majhis were then encouraged to apply the skills learnt to help their communities cope emotionally and psychologically with daily stress.

8 FEB 2018
MERCY Malaysia’s Side Event at the 9th World Urban Forum, organised by United Nation’s Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat), was a full house as we shared our experience and expertise on Building Resilient Communities (BRC).Our topic on “Urban Resilience: Challenges and Opportunities for Malaysian Cities” was chaired by Mr Hafiz Amirrol, our BRC Head.A distinguished panel consisting of our President Dato Dr Ahmad Faizal Mohd Perdaus; Dr Amod Dixit, Chairperson of Asia Disaster Reduction and Response Network (ADRRN); Mr Ahmad Fairuz Yusof, Head of Assistant Secretary, Selangor Disaster Management Unit; Mr Agung Notowiguno, President of PKPU Human Initiative and Ms. Valeria Drigo, Advocacy and Learning Coordinator of Global Network of Civil Society Organisations for Disaster Reduction (GNDR), kept the audience captivated during the 1 hour session.

9 FEB 2018
With flood conditions threatening to worsen, we mobilised our Sarawak Chapter for an emergency assessment to affected areas. Most areas were still inaccessible and it was challenging reaching affected communities to check on their condition.

10 FEB 2018
Our first Volunteer Induction Programme for 2018 drew 51 participants from a wide range of backgrounds – media, medical, academia, self-employed, creatives, etc.The half-day session was conducted by Mohd Hazimi Che Abdul Rani, our Humantarian Development Centre Officer, and Nur Hisyam Aziz, our State Chapter Liaison Officer. Dr Soh Yih Harng, our volunteer, also shared his experiences on the field.Editor’s Note: Missed our VIP? Fret not, you can always catch our next one in May. See you soon!

11 FEB 2018
Our exco member and team leader for Mental Health & Psychosocial Support, Dr Hariyati Shahrima Abdul Majid, gave a pow-wow presentation at a WUF9 Networking Event on ‘Empowering Women in Crisis and Post-Conflict Situations: Building Resilient Communities’ to a packed room of women from all over the world.Apart from the Malaysian perspective, speakers from the Philippines, Afghanistan, Guatemala and Kenya shared grassroots initiatives to empower women in their own settings. The 2-hour session was organised by International Islamic University Malaysia and the HUAIROU Commission.

13 FEB 2018
Our Head of BRC, Mr Hafiz Amirrol, was a panelist at the Majlis Bandaraya Melaka Bersejarah networking event at WUF9, which analysed the historical city’s problems of rapid development, high traffic volume and flash floods. The 2-hour session provided insights from other countries with similar problems and possible solutions that could ease what is seen to be a potential spanner in the works for the UNESCO site if left unmanaged.

19 FEB 2018

Have you been shopping at SOGO Shopping Complex? If so, you might have noticed MERCY Malaysia’s little donation boxes at the payment counters in the last few months!The management of SOGO presented the collection to MERCY Malaysia recently, represented by SOGO’s Marketing Communications Manager Ms Rosma Tajuddin, Customer Relations Manager Pn Nor Zaizira and Head of Store Ms Lee Yip Yoong, and received by MERCY Malaysia’s Executive Director, Ir. Amran Mahzan.Thank you for your support!

21 FEB 2018
EtonHouse Malaysia International School conducts an annual charity fair at Christmas, with proceeds going to charitable societies. MERCY Malaysia was selected as a beneficiary this year, where we received a cute mock cheque from a student representative during the school’s Chinese New Year celebrations.Thank you to all parents, teachers and management of Etonhouse; we truly appreciate your support!

21 FEB 2018
Our medical team, led by Vice President III, Assoc. Prof. Dr Shalimar Abdullah, celebrated International Mother Language Day at Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, where MERCY Malaysia continues to run our Primary Healthcare Centre for the hundreds of thousands of refugees.Although it was a celebration of linguistic and cultural diversity, our team celebrated an unspoken language of humanity, where we serve without fear or favour regardless of one’s background, race, religion or the language they speak.

23 – 24 FEB 2018
As they say, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going! We saw that first hand at Malay College Kuala Kangsar (MCKK), Perak during The Premiere 7s under 17 rugby match from 23-24 February 2018, where strong young men shed blood, sweat and tears for glory.Meanwhile, we fight a different sort of ‘battle’ under a big tree, showcasing our work to visitors and raising funds to continue our work to serve marginalized communities. Thank you to everyone who stopped by our booth!

MY SILENT TEARS By Dr Doris Ng, Obstetrics & Gynaecology Specialist, UMMC

By Dr Doris Ng, Obstetrics & Gynaecology Specialist, UMMC

“Don’t cry in front of patients.”
“Don’t ask about their experiences if you cannot handle it.”
“You have to be strong and give them hope.”

Even as I listened to the advice given during MERCY Malaysia’s volunteer briefing session, I knew I may not comply, knowing my inconvenient heart. “Try”, they said. So I did.

But as soon as I set foot at Cox’s Bazar’s sprawling refugee camps, I knew it was impossible. The patients we saw daily had so many unmet needs that it broke my heart. Ever so often, I had to turn my head to hide an escaped tear, knowing there was only so much we could do.

In order to tailor our care and treatment, it was necessary to ask what happened to them. And this, oft-times, was the most heart-wrenching part.

One day, a distressed mother brought her young son who had fever. She had just lost her older son to diphtheria, and was terrified her younger son was also infected. Although he was thankfully diagnosed to be fine, we couldn’t do anything to allay her anxiety then.

Another time, a 12-year-old girl came with a woman, whom we thought was her mother. When we asked the ‘mother’ if we could prescribe antibiotics, the girl started bawling because both her parents had died. The woman with her was just a kind Samaritan who adopted her along the way.

Would we have extended help to someone else when we ourselves are in desperate need for assistance? It was humbling to see so much kindness among the destitute, and I never felt so helpless, wishing I could do more than just treat their medical condition.

One morning in our Balukhali clinic, a small-built young woman brought her ten-year-old son to see us, carrying him on her hip. He was almost as tall as her, but could not walk as he was badly injured after a fall during their treacherous escape to Cox’s Bazar. She had lost contact of her husband since his capture by the Burmese military, and had to care for her two children by herself.

I suspected the boy may have fractured a bone during the fall which did not heal well, and thus decided to refer him to the Malaysian Field Hospital.

When we closed our clinic, the mother came to be sent to the hospital, carrying her son while another toddler followed from behind. As we walked to our van, the mother constantly looked over her shoulder anxiously to check on her little girl. Seeing them walk on sand, rivulets and puddles of raw sewage in their bare feet, something in me just broke.

The little girl was as old as my niece back home, but she probably had not been held much since her brother’s accident. Handing over the clinic equipment and waste in my arms to a colleague, I carried the little girl the rest of the way, trying my best not to let anyone see me cry. Her mother looked back and smiled for the first time since our meeting.

At the hospital, the mother took my hands in hers and squeezed them to express her thanks. Wordlessly, I nodded in reply, holding back tears.

Every little thing we did mean so much to them. I became stronger for them, because they needed me to be. We can all do the same, in whatever way possible.

Support MERCY Malaysia’s Rohingya Relief Fund today. You have no idea what your contribution can do to brighten someone’s life, even if just for a moment, a day, a week, a month, or a lifetime.

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